Penken playground

Finkenberger Cable Car
In the summit area of the Penken near Finkenberg, an adventure area for families has been built in stages since 2017. A first highlight in 2017 was the "Penken-Pepi", an 8 m high sculpture of the mascot, a bear in traditional Zillertal costume. The Pepi statue can be entered and is equipped with numerous play functions. The external appearance resembles a teddy bear and is achieved by an elaborate design made of larch wood shingles. This is where the great abilities of OBRA Design show themselves: in complex individual constructions, paired with local craftsmanship. In 2018, the "Penken-Pepi" was supplemented by a bridge construction on the adjoining slope with 2 long slope slides. In addition, a large motor skills system, based on the successful OBRA TriMo system, was built.

422 Penken
Schwendau, Tyrol.
Austria ,6292