Calistehnics, Street Workout

Fitness trends for public spaces

The cult of one's own body and keeping it in shape through fitness has become an omnipresent topic since the introduction of social media into our lives. This is underpinned by the number of fitness studios operated in Austria, which according to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce amounts to 1.239. In 2018, the total turnover of domestic fitness companies was around 554 million euros.

Since the corona pandemic at the latest, the importance of publicly accessible fitness offers has become visible and raised to a new level. Many working people were forced to stay at home overnight and used the time for physical exercise - outdoors, of course, since all gyms were closed. For many of the common endurance sports, there is no need for training equipment in public spaces. However, if you think of weight training or fitness offers for seniors, offers in the communal area are essential for the population willing to train.

Trend sport calisthenics

Strength training with your own body weight as a trend sport “calisthenics” or “street workout” has meanwhile also spilled over to Europe. What originally began in small groups on the east coast of America has quickly spread to large cities worldwide and is also forming a steadily growing community in Austria. Street workout is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults who value fitness and body styling.
Calisthenics systems from specialist companies are characterized by their compact yet multifunctional design. Especially products that are made entirely of steel are characterized by low maintenance costs. Systems with a wooden frame and stainless steel elements for training, on the other hand, integrate better into a natural environment. Our creative team will be happy to develop a suitable system for your project. Our specialist advisor will also be happy to come to you to develop a concept.

Fitness trails, keep-fit ​​trails, workout trails

Fitness and workout trails are an inexpensive option for municipalities or tourism associations to offer the population and visitors a range of sports. The station-like training devices are popular as a supplement to existing running routes. The stations can, however, be located just as compactly on one area. The training devices of such fitness and workout paths are aimed at different areas such as strength training, balance, coordination or even stretching. Extensive offers can be created through individual compilation and ranking. Discover the different products on our website and inquire about them with a few clicks of the mouse without obligation.
Investments in fitness offers for public spaces pay off socially. Regular training has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of getting seriously ill. Thus, the cost burdens on the health system are sustainably reduced. In a society in which people are getting older and older, appropriate offers help to keep seniors fit and agile, which makes everyday life easier.

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